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Legal disclosure according to the Austrian media and e-commerce laws:

Purpose of the media: is managed on behalf of SPX Flow Technology Danmark A/S as a platform for the heat exchanger selection software “ParaSelect” and related product information.

PUNT Entwicklungsholding GmbH
Hauptstrasse 17, A-7000, Eisenstadt
Company registration: FN 309383 a
Court of registration: Eisenstadt, Austria
Language of Jurisdiction: German
VAT-N°.: ATU 641 81 879
Managing Director: Ing. Marton LESKO
Member of the Chamber of Commerce: Burgenland


  1. ParaSelect, an internet based service, accessible via is provided by PUNT Entwicklungsholding GmbH, Hauptstrasse 17, 7000 Eisenstadt, Austria as service provider, media owner and publisher (“Punt“).
  2. Preamble
    2.1             By accepting the agreement declaration on the user of ParaSelect (“User“) accepts the following Terms & Conditions of use for the commercial use of ParaSelect.
    The user declares to use ParaSelect exclusively for commercial purposes. Further the user declares that they have specialist training and qualifications in the heating, plumbing and installation and are technically competent in this area.
    Only variations from these Terms & Conditions of use given in official written form from Punt are acceptable. In all other cases these Terms & Conditions apply.
    2.2             ParaSelect serves as a selection support tool to help choose which heat exchanger matches an application. The resultant recommendation is a suggestion and does not replace the advice and service given during an individual expert calculation.
    To fully use ParaSelect the user is required to enter data regarding their project and themselves.
  3. Scope:
    3.1             The use of ParaSelect is free of charge. All liability and warranty is excluded (see point 5 of these Terms & Conditions). The scope consists of the functions which are provided within ParaSelect at
    3.2             Data used within ParaSelect is based on experience and statistical analysis.
  4. Rights and Duties of the user:
    4.1             The user has no right of entitlement to access ParaSelect.
    4.2             The user agrees to use ParaSelect within the constraints of the ParaSelect website and only in the manner proposed.
    4.3             The user agrees to hold Punt free of any claim or damages that arise based on the content of ParaSelect.
    4.4             The user is not permitted, directly or indirectly, to use automated scripts, programmes or robots to retrieve information from ParaSelect. Further the user is not permitted to test or try to test or bypass the security, performance or structure of ParaSelect.
  5. General:
    5.1             Should these Terms & Conditions of Use be translated into other languages, the original version in German has precedence.
    5.2             Should parts or sections of these Terms & Conditions of Use be void, invalid or unenforceable, or following their acceptance become void, invalid or unenforceable, the acceptance will remain effective. In place of the void, invalid or unenforceable parts or sections, suitable commercial replacements will be used to match, as near as possible, the original.
  6. Disclaimer of warranty and exclusion of liability:
    6.1             Punt is not liable for the availability of the service or its actions or those of connected parties (with the exception of personal injury), so long that these were not caused by gross negligence on the side of Punt. Punt accepts no responsibility for loss of data. Compensation for damages of any kind resulting from claims of third parties is excluded.
    6.2             Punt accepts no responsibility or warranty for the accuracy of the data contained in ParaSelect. The results of the calculation shown by ParaSelect are a non-binding recommendation, without warranty of completeness, validity, quality or correctness. Punt accepts no responsibility for damages, due to the selection of a heat exchanger and / or accessories.
    6.3             The prices shown represent a non-binding recommendation and can change at any time, without prior notice.
  7. Court of Jurisdiction:
    7.1             Austian law applies. UN commercial laws is excluded. In the event of legal dispute, the responsible law court is Eisenstadt, Austria.
  8. Data Protection:
    8.1             The Data Protection Policy that can be seen at is an integrated part of these Terms & Conditions of Use.


  1. General
    1.1.          ParaSelect, an internet based service, accessible via is provided by PUNT Entwicklungsholding GmbH, Hauptstrasse 17, 7000 Eisenstadt, Austria as service provider, media owner and publisher (“Punt“).
    1.2.          The protection and safety of given personal data is an important issue for Punt. Punt saves and uses such data according to the Austrian Data Protection Act 2000. As the user of ParaSelect you agree to the use of your data in accordance to this Data Protection Declaration.
    1.3.          Punt does not generate personal user profiles.
  2. Stored Data:
    2.1.          Punt stores and uses the following personal data, from visitors to our website:
    2.1.1.      Serverlogs: The IP-Address of the user computer, together with the date, time, visit, which data was viewed (name and URL), which quantity of data was downloaded, registration of success rate, recognition of browser and operating system used, as well as details of the recommending website (should the visit come from a link). The Serverlogs are stored to check system security, website technical administration, as well as service optimisation. This data may be given – in the case of a hacking attack – to legal representatives, on order to find and prosecute the culprits. This data is not given to other parties. The Serverlogs are stores for a maximum of three years.
    2.1.2.      Cookies: Cookies are small text-data files, that ParaSelect stores on the users computer to recognise repeat visits. Cookies improve the navigation within the website and help, for example, that name and address fields only need to be filled in one time and are automatically completed during further visits. This allows a higher level of user friendliness when using the website. Most browsers accept cookies automatically. These can be governed by changing your browser settings. Cookies stored on your PC can be removed by deleting the temporary internet data (often accessible via Browser – Extras – Internet-options).
    2.2.          ParaSelect does not store or use additional automated data collection methods.
  3. Data gathered via the website
    The data entered in the website is automatically stored for a period of up to three years.
    Stored data is not given or sold to third parties.
  4. Right of Recall
    4.1.          Every user of ParaSelect has the Right of Recall regarding the storage and or use of their personal data, in this case the user and their data will be deleted.
  5. Data Use
    5.1.          Punt commits to protecting stored data from others according to the Austrian Data Protection Act 2000. Punt stores and uses the gathered user data exclusively as described in this Data Protection Declaration. With the deletion of a user, the personal user information is deleted.